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With its plan to cancel federal student loan debt for millions of borrowers still hung up in the courts, the Biden administration has set its sights on another way to provide debt relief.

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New data shows 81% of all student-debt cancellation applications came from the least affluent 80% of Congressional districts before the relief paused. Payments, interest, and collections on government-held federal student loans have been suspended since March 2020 due to the ... Senate Republicans are pushing legislation that would end the pause on federal student loan payments less than two weeks before ... The Department of Education released a breakdown of federal student loan forgiveness applications by congressional district on ... The Department of Education released data Friday that breaks down student loan relief applications by congressional district. The coming months will bring a decision on student loan forgiveness, the return of monthly payments, new regulations and more. FNB said on Thursday that it introduced Student Loans on the FNB App to help customers fulfil their educational aspirations. The big picture: Some 26 million people — out of more than 40 million eligible borrowers — applied for student loan debt ...

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