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So here are eight tips, from my perspective as a Baha'i, for a healthy spiritual life . 1) Reflect on your spiritual health To ...

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see, this plant can cure several health problems and spiritual problems, you can place it beneath your pillow for protection against evil spirits and bad dreams. Well, this is how best you can use ... Acupuncture is not only great for healing the body, but also the spirit. This was according to acupuncture and tai-chi practitioner, Michelle Levy. The ancient medicine is essentially a system whereby ... a Spiritual Health Practitioner based in Langley. Flanagan sees every day how the power of reflection and solitude can ease the ... According to a recent Regenstrief Institute study, spiritual care interventions can effectively support the mental health and ... One writer offers an interesting lesson, "Jamaica needs to promote a healthy type of national spirit — a real patriotism based ... Spirit of Children presented Virtua Health with a donation of $120,477 in support of the health system’s child life department. The funds come from donations made by shoppers at regional Spirit ... Dr. Christine Bergman understands the connection between dental health and heart health very well. In the spirit of Heart Health Month, we asked Dr. Bergman, “Can fixing dental problems improve a ... A view of the spacious atrium of the Second Norman Bethune Hospital of Jilin University's Yatai district.Photo: Lin Xiaoyi/GT "Reader, if you seek a monument, look around." This e ...

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