Jieun Kim of Los Angeles and Jieun Kim of Chicagoland say their lives were turned upside down because the SSA mistakenly issued them both the same number.

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President Biden stated in the recent State of the Union address that Social Security won't be touched. Retirees should welcome reform, however, because otherwise, steep benefit cuts are definitely on ... The Social Security Administration’s already faltering services will further erode this year despite a $785 million boost to ... Here, we'll review four scenarios in which taking Social Security sooner rather than later might be the smart choice. Waiting to claim Social Security at age 70 usually makes sense for people who ... Surveys show that most Americans are, or will be, in some way reliant on Social Security income. Four variables are used to calculate your monthly Social Security payout, with your claiming age, ... The noisy exchange — provoked by Mr. Biden’s charge that some Republicans want to “sunset” Medicare and Social Security ... I know that a lot of Republicans, their dream is to cut Social Security, Medicare. Well let me say this: If that’s your dream ... The unusual back and forth between President Joe Biden and Republican lawmakers on live television during the recent State of the Union address kicked off a high-stakes political debate about ... The Voice campaign will be dominated by posts, not posters. But the algorithms favour those with the loudest voices, which benefits the No case.

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