Orangetheory Fitness

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About Orangetheory Fitness

Dave Long, co-founder and CEO of Orangetheory Fitness, has told HCM the boutique fitness franchise is aiming to expand to 100 ... Logging miles isn't the only way to prep for a long run or bike race. Gym class offerings can improve your cardiovascular and strength to increase your athletic performance. Orangetheory Fitness uses a scientifically proven formula that combines technology with science and coaching to achieve results. Wanting to improve my strength and stamina, I started going to Orangetheory Fitness with my then-husband—and though I didn’t ... Luckily, right when I was about to give up, I found Orangetheory Fitness. My girlfriend and I had just moved to a new neighborhood and wanted to start working out again, so we were shopping for a gym.

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