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Rates of depression and suicidal thoughts have increased dramatically over the past decade, some experts think time spent online is the main reason.

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Police officers in England took more than 730,000 sick days last year - up from 320,000 in 2012/13. They're having to cope with 'horrific cases' and 'austerity and budget cuts', says one police federa ... Although dealing with a divorce might be unpleasant, you must remember that you must now focus on your new life. Here's how to preserve your mental health after separation or divorce ... The important thing is to identify when something is wrong, and make sure our children know they can talk openly about what they are experiencing. Oklahoma experts reacted after a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a decline in mental health and overall well-being in teenagers. RONNIE O’SULLIVAN has been slammed for strong comments about Daniel Wells that the Welsh amateur says could damage a player’s mental health. Last week at the Welsh Open the Rocket, ... Mental health workers have been urged to periodically do a mental health assessment for wellness as they go about their work. State Minister for Higher Education John Chrysostom Muyingo says that ... Paul Olima, athlete and Coach on BBC Three’s Go Hard Or Go Home, helps you start your fitness journey with tips and techniques from his fellow fitness experts (aka ‘warriors’). In this episode ... CESD and McMan Central Region announced in December that they were teaming up on the pilot project after receiving a $1.4 million provincial grant as part of ongoing efforts to expand mental health ...

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