According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is compulsory to own a third party liability car insurance policy to drive any car in India. Various companies offer their insurance policies at different ...

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Don't have a health insurance? You are doing yourself a great disfavor When you are young, your chance of encountering a health ... While life insurance for the latter group is often considered not "worth it," many seniors actually do have policies in place. "57% of Americans ages 65 and older own life insurance policies," ... In the clip, he issues a reminder to his fellow viewers, “Health insurance companies don’t care about you. They don’t care.” ... Lawsuit was amended after U.S. Supreme Court decision strengthening gun rights City says insurance requirement does not restrict ... The more you’re on the road, the higher the risk of a collision, meaning longer commutes can equal higher insurance premiums The idea of a long drive on the open road might seem relaxing, but it doesn ... Three experts share their views. Wang Zongfan, a Researcher on health insurance at Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security Previously the personal bank accounts were in a rather awkward position, ... Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic and stressful experience. Settling a claim with an insurance company can cause even more stress. The process can be overwhelming, particularly if ... Help is on the way for thousands of displaced homeowners struggling with insurance claims after the Auckland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle.

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