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A 65-year old man enrolled in Medicare with a Medigap plan will need to stash away $166,000 for medical expenses.

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In the clip, he issues a reminder to his fellow viewers, “Health insurance companies don’t care about you. They don’t care.” ... Create a health care binder with the names and contact information for your health insurer, each provider you see, and the pharmacy and lab you use,” says Dr. Nicholas Massa, vice president, medical ... A normal flu year experiences about 60,000 deaths. But very low during the two previous years. Now comes 2023 and we are seeing all three in our communities. Recently, when I was seeing my primary ... First and foremost, we are sure of one thing. Mental health care is health care and should be treated as such. Everyone ... Globe and Mail review found that at least six deaths at Bordeaux involved deficiencies in physical health care, including delaying or denying treatment of sick inmates ... Hospitals and clinics are stretched well beyond their capacity to treat patients who need mental health care, according to new ... Dire warnings from the provinces about the state of medicare contrast with the tepid pace of their projected increases in health care spending ... For some people, one of the most thrilling times in their life may be finding out they are pregnant. It is crucial to take good care of your heart health even before becoming pregnant in ...

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