Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has nearly $10m in assets with monthly expenses nearing $100,000, according to personal bankruptcy court documents. The documents were filed in the wake of Mr Jones ...

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Remember when Vijay Deverakonda promised 100 fans an all-expenses paid trip to Manali earlier this year. Now, the 'Liger' actor has once again kept his promise and shared an update on social media ... When it comes to running a successful business, management of operating expenses is a key factor in ensuring profitability. For Canadians with medical expenses, those who received COVID-19 benefits and some homeowners, there are some expanded benefits ... The Defense Department released a series of new policies Thursday that support service members and dependents traveling for abortion care. However, if you have unique one-time expenses, such as a large medical bill, waiving the standard deduction and itemizing your expenses instead may lead to a bigger refund. Expenses incurred from ... Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Ado Doguwa has stated that the naira scarcity will affect the electioneering expenses of politicians vying for positions in the 2023 polls. He also ... Regulated utilities seeking rate increases should disclose their spending to influence public policy, public opinion and proceedings before the Michigan Public Service Commission, state Attorney ... South Dakota taxpayers could pay millions of dollars in unexpected expenses caused by inflation and workforce challenges that are hitting the construction industry.

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