Teen girls who exercise each day have better attention spans than their peers, a study suggests. A University of Illinois ...

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South Africa was due to launch a joint naval exercise with Russia and China on Friday, a move it is calling routine but which has fuelled domestic criticism and fears the drills will endanger ... Research suggests that exercise can enhance the benefits of mental-health treatments, including therapy and medication ... Fitness expert on how varicose veins occur, its signs, does exercise improve or worsen varicose veins, should you stop exercising if you have varicose veins and a few ways gymgoers can avoid varicose ... A GYM-GOER has revealed her go-to routine to maintain her physique, which she calls “Queen Warrior” workouts. The fitness enthusiast said her regimen is so effective she has to post in ... Regular exercise is important for maintaining good health, but returning to a fitness routine after a COVID-19 infection can be ... Harry's interest in sports and exercise is not the only thing that has changed since dating Meghan. Behavioural expert Darren ... Troops perfected their battle-winning tactics during a two-week exercise alongside the Royal Army of Oman – a key partner in the Gulf ... Prime Minister Anthony Albanese revealed Australia will host a key naval exercise as he signalled intentions to ramp up economic and security ties with India.

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